São Lourenço do Barrocal

Art Direction • 2016

In collaboration with Ana Anahory

Art direction of the interiors project of the São Lourenço do Barrocal hotel, in Alentejo. Inspired by the rich traditions of Alentejo crafts, this project was based on creative collaborations using different local materials and techniques.
The design and production of furniture, in wood and Estremoz marble, was made with Tomaz Viana. The French artist Henriette Arcelin made drawings on old documents of the agricultural life of the owner’s property. With Guida Fonseca we worked on the creation of patterns for wool pieces, which were placed on the walls. The patterns of the traditional Alentejo blankets inspired us to create the designs for the Arraiolos carpets used on the floor and also on the walls. In the traditional pottery centre of São Pedro do Corval, we produced clay pieces for the bedrooms and the SPA.
Also a large collection of antique pottery dishes from Redondo was assembled to be used in the wall decoration.


Ash James
Felipa Almeida
Nelson Garrido
Rodrigo Cardoso


Arraiolos de Dona Emília
Ilustração de Henriette Arcelin
Tapeçaria de Guida Fonseca
Carpintaria de Tomás Viana