Feira do Equinócio

20 and 21 March 2024

Photography: Filipa Pinto da Silva
Graphic Design: Filipa Pinto da Silva

On the 20 and 21 st of March, I had the pleasure to present a collection of new pieces inspired by the Spring Equinox and everything that is celebrated with its arrival.

On exhibition were works by the artists Alquimista Ceramics, João Abel Mota, Albert Tannat, Daisy Eltenton, Diana Barbosa, Fantasque, Hunchback Society, Mafalda Costa & Pietra Galli, Nat Sly, Tasha Levytska, Carolina Nogueira, Susana Amaral, Maud Téphany, Henriette Arcelin and Master Xico Tarefa.

The exhibition is over but we still have some pieces available. If you would like to receive the catalogue of available pieces, or make an appointment to visit the studio, please send an email to fa@felipaalmeida.com.