Pratos Falantes Book

With the Feira do Prato Falante (Talking Plate Fair), the opportunity arose to collaborate for the first time with the anthropologist Maria Manuela Restivo on a joint publication. She researched the historical production, and we gathered some examples of old plates, alongside creations resulting from this exhibition.

"We are unaware of publications in Portugal exclusively dedicated to this particular category of objects, the talking plates. This is not surprising, as talking plates - a term used in some publications - are probably as old as ceramic production itself, spanning periods, geographical origins, and cultural contexts.

The desire to communicate through material culture dates back, as evidenced by cave paintings, to the existence of humanity as we know it today. Therefore, finding the first talking plate in Portuguese history would be a futile exercise. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify moments when talking plates seem to gain greater relevance, both in quantity and in the specificities of their production. It is precisely this exercise that motivated us to carry out this publication, crossing historical specimens with their contemporary counterparts."

Maria Manuela Restivo is an anthropologist, researcher, and independent curator, working in the field of vernacular and popular artistic practices. Her PhD focused on narratives surrounding popular art in Portugal. She has worked as a consultant for various public and private entities, while also developing texts, projects, and exhibitions around vernacular artistic practices.

Coordinated by Maria Manuela Restivo and Felipa Almeida
Published by Casa do Vinhal – Estúdio do Alhures
64 pages. In Portuguese.

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