Fruit Bowl

Lisbon, 2023

Unique piece by Atelier Champ for the exhibition Feira da Fruteira by Felipa Almeida, May 2023.

Studio established by Beatrice Champ (London, 1990), artist working in textiles and ceramics. She studied fashion and textile design, and worked in furniture and vintage car restoration in Barcelona and London. She moved to Lisbon where she turned her attention to ceramics, inspired by the old tiles of the city.

Beatrice pursues her investigation both in textiles and tiles, searching for popular art techniques that she then redefines in her work. In ceramics she mixes different techniques (glazing, freehand painting, dry rope) that bring another dimension to the geometric shapes and lines that are the protagonists of her work.

Ref 0256
Measures 33 x 33 x 12 cm

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