A unique piece made for the Mily exhibition curated by Felipa Almeida for Lisbon by Design, May 2024.
Felipa challenged artist Maria Paz Aires to create three flower pots inspired by three works by Mily Possoz from the Tivoli collection.
The work of Maria Paz Aires (Porto, 1998) is based on the search for the emancipation of the feminine as a fluid and present body in all of Humankind. This universe is represented in her ceramics, sculptures, drawings and paintings where scale and colour predominate.
She studied Artistic Production at Artistic School Soares dos Reis, in Porto, where she specialized in Textiles. In Berlin (2016-18) she started exploring ceramics.
Back in Lisbon, she completed a degree in Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

REF 890
33 x 22 x 46 cm

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