Ria Formosa

Lisbon by Design • 2022

I replied to the invitation to attend the Lisbon by Design fair with the Ria Formosa exhibition, in which I tried to highlight the excellence of some Portuguese techniques and materials. The inspiration came from a set of shells that I collected with my daughter in Ria Formosa. The shapes, textures and shades of the shells were portrayed by the artist Henriette Arcelin in a watercolour allusive to the marine universe.

This main illustration was then used in a different way in each of the pieces produced for the exhibition. In collaboration with Manufactura das Tapeçarias de Portalegre, we created the tapestry Ponta da Culatra. The Arraiolos tapestry Sítio do Malhão was created by the artisan Emília Cristina. During an artistic residency at the Viúva Lamego studio-factory, Henriette Arcelin produced a tile panel (Cacela Velha) and four bas-relief sculptures (Murice, Peixe Lua, Buzina, Vieira-Lula). The artist Maria Emília Araújo joined the project with four plates of her own creation, inspired by the Ria Formosa universe.

All the pieces, as well as the shells and watercolours were presented at the Lisbon by Design fair, which was held between 19 and 21 May at Palacete Gomes Freire.


Filipa Pinto da Silva


Henriette Arcelin
Maria Emilia Araújo