Lisbon by Design • 2023

Pomar is an exhibition curated by Felipa Almeida for Fabricaal.

The region of Reguengos de Monsaraz, where the centenary artisanal unit for the production of Alentejo blankets is located, with strong pottery traditions, as well as the connection to the land and the changing of the seasons, inspired Felipa Almeida in the creation of an imaginary where wool and clay intersect, putting into dialogue two traditional Alentejo arts, and celebrating spring and its fruits.

The unique combinations of colours and patterns of the blankets of the Fábrica Alentejana de Lanifícios transported the curator to the universe of artists, such as Matisse and Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, and to their worlds and ateliers.

Felipa Almeida defined with Fabricaal a colour palette and invited artists to create unique pieces, which were presented at Lisbon by Design.

Henriette Arcelin put together the blankets and fruit in an artist's atelier in an oil painting, and from there created ceramic pieces. Rita Kroh designed a sculptural wall piece representing a fruit bowl, which she shaped using wools from the Alentejo factory. Maud Téphany worked on the creation of a set of ceramic pieces inspired by seasonal fruits.

Pomar presented himself at Lisbon by Design, showing unique works in dialogue with Fabricaal's mastery.


Filipa Pinto da Silva