Entre as Linhas

Lisbon, 2023

Ceramic sculpture by Maud Téphany presented in the Viagem exhibition, curated by Felipa Almeida.

Born in Brittany, France, in 1978, she studied Fine Arts at Université Rennes 2. With a background in Graphic Design and Web Design, and after a ceramics training in Lisbon, she pursued her work in artistic ceramics in a self-taught and research oriented approach that led her to found Sedimento studio (2017-2023).

She has held several exhibitions and in 2020 created Sedimentoshow, an independent gallery for emerging ceramists or artists.

Her sculpture, Entre as Linhas, is a three-dimensional synthesis of lines, verticality, strokes, light plays of the glazes.

Ref 0340
Measures 150 x 13 cm

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